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A walk to the West End

Walk to West End mapThis walk is a pleasant change from the tube and is down hill much of the way

  1. You can get to the Heath extension by following the Capital ring as far as Big Wood, then pick up the Dollis Valley Extension. See also Byways to Hampstead
  2. At the top of the extension by a sharp bend in Wildwood Road, cross over and take the upward path to Spaniards End.
  3. Cross Hampstead Lane at the crossing and enter Kenwood via the Gate, right. The path follows the fence down and at the end cross the woodland diagonally, to exit onto the main path. Turn right and exit onto Hampstead Heath.
  4. Follow the path along the ridge with views down to Highgate ponds.
  5. Toward the end make for the path just to the right of the crown of Parliament Hill.
  6. Passing the end of the road with the same name, follow the path down to cross the railway line by a foot bridge.
  7. Turn right at the road, then left into Lisburne Road.
  8. Over two busy roads, follow the length of Park Hill Road.
  9. Follow in the same direction along Church End or Terrace.
  10. At the end turn left into Primrose Hill Road and take the first entrance into the park
  11. Make your way to the top of Primrose Hill and just before the crown bare right and downwards to the opposite corner of the park.
  12. Cross the main road at the crossing then enter Regents Park by a foot bridge over the canal. (Or you could take the canal-side walk to Islington or Paddington.)
  13. Over the bridge you can choose your route towards the part of the West End you wish to visit:
  14. Takes you to Baker Street,
  15. Takes you to Great Portland Street

Consult your A to Z for more detail

Other ways into town:

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As walk to Hampstead then St Johns Avenue, Swiss Cottage, Clifton ??? Hamilton Road, ??????, Little Venice, Paddington Basin, .....


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