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Hendon Loop

The Hendon loop map

1. The walk starts at Marylebone Cemetery. Follow East End Road across the North Circular, turn right then left into Briarfield Avenue.
2. A left then right takes you into The Avenue, now a footpath, and proceed to the end.
3. College Terrace takes you to the church and the back of the churchyard leads to Church Crescent, then continuing via a footpath, playing fields and across Dollis Brook.
4. Take the main road to Holders Hill Circus then up Bittacy Hill to the tube station.
5. Just after this Bittacy Lane to the left leads to green space and the start of the old railway walk.
6. Follow the complete length of the walk and exit left up to Page Street
7. From Page Street take the entrance road towards the stadium but as the road bends left, turn off along a footpath by a hedge across fields then steps down to the main road.
8. Take the subway into Sunny Hill Park and make for the bluff opposite. Follow the path along the boundary - it exits near the church.
9. Follow in the same direction along Church End or Terrace
10. At Church Road a left then right then left leads to a pathway which continues between back gardens all the way to Hendon Park
11. Continue across and down the park to exit at the bottom left corner. Now take any route through Shire Hall Park to the bottom of Brent Street
12. Through the yard of some buildings is a footbridge over Brent Brook into Decoy Park. Turn left and follow the brook upstream keeping it on your left, past the lake and out onto Bell Lane
13. Another path by the brook leads to Mutton Brook where you turn right to follow it upstream, under the North Circular and along a strip of green to Finchley Road
14. Rejoin the Brook on the other side, keeping it on your left until you exit at a gap between houses
15. Follow Addison Way left and enter Little Wood via a gate.
16. At the far end, Denman Drive takes you into Big Wood. Proceed up to a T junction and turn left to eventually exit across Addison Way, the Brook and then the main road. Cross the road via the refuge, climb Midholm, then right into Hilltop.
17. Ludlow Way, and the pathway at the top, will lead to East End Road. Turn left to regain the cemetery.

Consult your A to Z for more detail.


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