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Upper Dollis Circular Walks

Dollis loop map

These walks pass through greenbelt country and in parts have a distinctly rural feel. A wide variety of birds have been spotted along the Dollis Brook, including Kingfishers.

1. The walk starts at Totteridge and Whetstone. Exit the station, down the hill and across the road. Turn left along the Dollis Brook through Whetstone Stray
2. Continue along the Dollis Brook walk until you reach Tillingham Way.
3. Turn right to the end then left into Southover.
4. After crossing the Folly Brook (follow the north bank for access to Darland but be careful - it can be muddy), pick up the Dollis Brook through a gate left and continue past allotments.
5. Eventually you come alongside Finchley Golf Course. Lovers Walk crosses here; take a right up a the lane through the golf course.
6. At the end turn right into Frith Lane, then left into Partingdale Lane.
7. Almost immediately take Burtonhole Lane (right)
8. At the T junction at the bottom, turn left and continue along Burtonhole Lane. (For a shorter walk turn right and take the path up to Totteridge green.)
9. Eventually after a few houses continue downhill to pass the garden centre.
10. The road ends at a bridge across the Folly Brook at Folly Farm; take it and go right along a path to a stile/gate where the path forks.
11. For the shorter loop take the path that does diagonally across the field to the edge of Darland Nature Reserve
12. The path takes a climb and comes out at Totteridge Village. Fairly close to the right is the Orange Tree pub and restaurant. Cross the road and strike left.
13. After the road turns left and immediately after Lime Grove take a path downhill to the Dollis Brook.
14. Over the brook pick up the London LOOP and continue right all the way to King George Playing Fields.
15. When the LOOP turns left, continue straight on along the Dollis Brook walk. Eventually this brings you back to the station.

For a longer walk, at (11) take the left fork up to Totteridge Common. Turn right at the main road, cross and look for Horseshoe Lane. A path takes you down to the Dollis Brook where turning right you can pick up the London Loop and rejoin the other loop at (14)

For an even more ambitious walk, and perhaps less easy to navigate, instead of turning right up Lovers Walk (5) continue down the Dollis Brook to the Viaduct (16). On joining the main road turn right into Abercorn Road and make your way to Mill Hill East station. Just after this, Bittacy Lane to the left leads to green space and the start of the old railway walk. Follow the complete length of the walk and exit right up Page Street, (17) all the way, over the roundabout to Wise Lane. Turn left and take the narrow path right, (18) up and into the woodland. At the top, continue in the same direction, through a gate, and across the edge of a playing field, maintaining height. Head straight ahead for a narrow path that brings you out on Wills Grove, and onward to the Ridgeway. Turn right and take a detour past the village pond. Then rejoin the Ridgeway and look for St Vincents Lane, left. At the bottom of the lane follow the indicated foot path, then diagonally across across an open field to the playing ground. Skirt this and follow signposts to meet up with the other loops at Folly Farm (9)

There are several other ways to ring your changes. Just consult your Ordnance Survey Explorer map of North London (173)


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