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I can never understand why so many people choose to miss out on the appreciation of a good pint (or bottle) of beer. The variety of styles that are on offer from various parts of the world. I've tried to list here some of my favourite beer styles and where to appreciate them in the London area. What links them all is flavour.

So where do we get our bottles for home consumption? Some come from supermarkets, but most come from the Utobeer cage in Borough Market, a very short walk from the Borough High Street exit of London Bridge underground station. Some interesting beers can also be bought at Sourced Market, St Pancras station. Not forgetting Kris Wines 394 York Way Kentish Town.

Real Ale vs Craft Beers. Nothing can beat a properly prepared real ale for a soft complex satisfying pint. However, since the development of kegs with a membrane to protect the beer, keg beers don't have to be so harsh. Some new craft beers have taste a-plenty and can be a real taste experience well worth the try.

Recent discoveries:
Ryesing Tide draught rye beer, Siren Brewery and Motueka Citra Nelson Pale Ale bottled The Kernel Brewery. More

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