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Beer from Belgium, Germany, Holland

photo lowlanderEstablishments

There are in London a number of establishments where you can drink beer from these countries in an appropriate atmosphere. I have put together a list here, but if you know of any I haven't mentioned, please email me with some details.

If I visit the Lowlander I generally drink draught de Koninck, which I got to know in Antwerp. If you go into a bar there and ask for a bolleke, that is what you'll get.

In the German bars I tend to choose a bottled weiss bier, always in the proper fluted glass. The best are cloudy with yeast - mit hefe - which greatly adds to the flavour. By choice, a Schneider fest weisse, or a Maisels. Failing that, Weihenstefaner. Some of these can be found in ordinary pubs.

I have enjoyed Norwegian beers such as Nøgne Ø in the past but recently haven't found them, which is rather sad, as they were invariably tasty. Norway seems to have a thriving craft beer scene.

name location type description link
Beer Merchant's Tap Hackney Wick bar and beer garden A wide range of internationally mainly bottled beers on the ground floor of a warehouse with a large outside area
Bierschenke Covent Garden bierkeller German beer and good choice of german food; Paulaner Hacker-Pschorr, Auerbrau; bottles include a limited Schneider, Augustiner, Tegernsee
De Hems Chinatown pub Not as Dutch as it used to be, drinks availability varies
Dovetail Clerkenwell bar Small, well established Belgian beer bar, wide range on tap, knowledgeable barmen, Belgian menu
German Gymnasium Kings Cross 3 restaurants in one Oechsner, Rothaus beer, german menu
It isn't much if it ain't Dutch Enid Street bar New Dutch bar on beer mile, 30 taps, excellent beer, food planned, from Holland, basic furnishings
Katzenjammer hop exchange Borough bierkeller Below ground with good choice of german beer and food, good atmosphere Paulaner Hacker-Pschorr, ABK, bottles include wide range of Schneider, Schlenkerla
Lowlander Drury Lane grand café Many Belgian beers on tap, prosaic food menu
Mercato Mayfair North Audley Street communal area plus keller in crypt In a former church, German beer brewed on the premises, stalls for food
Mercato other     Also at Elephant & Castle, Elephant Park, Wood Wharf, Ilford - not visited
Munich Cricket Club Tower Hill "bierkeller" Ground floor bar, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr beer, and a few bottles, German menu
Munich Cricket Club victoria   Not visited
Munich Cricket Club canary wharf   not visited
Stein's Richmond outdoor restaurant Paulaner, Erdinger, Stein's plus german menu
Stein's Kingston in/outdoor restaurant Wide interesting menu, Paulaner, Erdinger, Stein's beer - not visited
Stein's Berlin Exhibition Road Kensington indoor restaurant Stylish German restaurant, wide menu, Paulaner, Erdinger, Stein's beer - not visited

Bermondsey Beer Mile

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