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About this site

The main purpose of this site is to document the walks I have produced - maps, background notes and photographs.

At the same time I also found that an own web site was a much better way of sharing information on what interests me with family and friends than, say, facebook, my Bête Noire. It acts as a ready reference, even when I am away from home. If you want to contact me about something on the site, or if the pages do not look right on your computer or phone, you can contact me at webinfo@tonero.me.uk. I welcome feedback.

The photo of Tower Bridge on the front page (landscape) was taken in the year 2000, long before the appearance of the shard, while on walk 41.

The photo of Cheapside on the front page (portrait) was taken in 2004 on walk 2 looking east before the skyline was obliterated by high rise.

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