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Beers to remember

These days there is such a wide, changing and bewildering choice of real ales and craft beers that I've decided to record those I found interesting in the order I meet them.

brewery beer where type comment
Siren Finchampstead Ryesing Tide Dukes Head Draught rye beer 7.4% rounded and chewy - moreish
Kernel Bermondsey Motueka Citra Nelson Utobeer Bottled pale ale craft beer 5.4% a real burst of citrus flavour
Moor Bristol stout Old Fountain draught stout chocolatey and rounded
Nøgne Ø Norway Imperial rye porter Utobeer bottled rye porter 9% strong, nutty, chewy, balanced
Titanic, Stoke on Trent plum porter Utobeer bottled fruit porter 4.9% tasty, plummy but a bit sweet
Kernel Bermondsey Citra Chinook Marillo Old Fountain draft craft beer 5.6% burst of citrus flavour, balanced bitterness
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