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Two flavours discovered recently
Sumac - A burgundy coloured spice made from ground, dried berries. It has an appealing lemon-lime tartness that can be widely used. In Iran. Use as a condiment, or sprinkle over dishes before serving in place of lemon.
Feunugreek - (Methi) seed, when ground, has a rich spicy note that imparts a sweet, slightly nutty, maple-syrup-like flavor reminiscent of burnt sugar and just a hint of aromatic curry spices. Buy ready ground and use sparingly in in soups, curries, casseroles and other dishes.

Cook books

Warning: All these linked documents are 'in progress' that is, they may contain errors and are subject to change. Use the contents at your own risk! Most of the contents are not original.

Carefree Cooking

This is a collection of recipes, built up over the years, virtually every recipe I thought I might repeat. A few are my own, but most have been appropriated and modified.

Cookery Compendium ... Compendium Appendix

This was the first book I produced, many years ago, a motley collection of techniques etc. The document was originally produced in a program that I not longer use, and is currently being re-shaped into the format of the second book, below, and being brought up to date.


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